Church Splits

If there is one thing I don’t understand in the Wesleyan church is the continual wants for dividing a church. I live in NC this summer, so I definitely see how splitting churches here is not smart. If you were to ride through NC looking at Wesleyan Churches, you may be suprised that there is two or maybe even three in the same area. If you look back a little in my blog, you may see the entry Unity, Not Strife. I look at some places and see the opportunity for great ministries to see day, but our clouds block out any rays of light. We should deeply consider merging churches. Would it not be more feasible for financial and volunteering purposes. Let’s consider 1 church which gets $500 and has 20 people attending. Of those people only 5 volunteer, not including the pastor. They want to start a new outreach mininstry but need at least 10 people considering their community size and $1000 dollars. A Church of the same denomination is located not far away and is recieving $700 dollars and has 30 members. They want to do something that would cost $200 and requires 10 volunteers, and they have 18 that volunteers. It only seems to make sense that we merge these two churches and fulfill the ministry that God has laid on us. Think on the book of Acts. The Church only had one Church every city that they had a Church, if they were blessed with having a church at all. With combined efforts, the Christians of the community were able to evangelize effectively.
Let’s think about that some more. Combine and double your chances of starting ministry opportunities effectively. Sounds to me like we have some work to. I do understand that some churches are in the same town for viable reasons. We should be searching our hearts as to why there is a church in the same city which shares our denominational beliefs. Think twice before saying no to a proposition such as this.

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