The Gates of Hell and the End times

If there is one thing that has bothered me, it has been the Christians who spend amazing amounts of time on eschatology and have made a definition of their faith. To start off, we must remember that God is the object of our faith. He is the pursuit. Another thing is how many people look at the idea of bringing down the gates of Hell and still take the lives of others and turn it into a hell.
Eschatology is not a bad thing to study, as a matter of fact, it is quite interesting. However, I do not see how it is a defining factor of our faith. There are different parts of Christianity that say different things about Christianity, most of which are defendable in scriptures. The thing that cooks my goose a little too much is the parts of Christianity that will make some form of a something-millenial view and state that there wishes are the Way, the Truth, and the Life. I do not think that this is any way to think at all. Wesleyans maitain a little openness about how it all will end. What we do state in an absolute manner is that God will win and will judge the quick and the dead. This is something I truely believe in.
I also am somewhat ticked at those holy rollers who speak adamently and sometimes loudly about how they will bring down the Gates of Hell. What I do not understand is how they intend to bring down these gates without bringing down these gates in other people’s lives. It seems to be a mix of a theology that believes both that we do not need to minister to those outside of the body and that we must worry about the spiritual realm and disregard the physical realm. The first idea is completely contradictory to the Great Comission found in Matthew 28. And if we are followers of Christ, it is only logical that we follow in our copying His attitude and actions. The other mindset is close to separating the spiritual from the physical. This makes absolutely now sense if we are to be judged. It would also make the Great Sacrifice pointless because the physical action could not carry over to the spiritual realm.
If the things I say are true, then we must bring down the Gates of Hell now through thought and deed. I am confident that I am right. The whole Christian mindset supports this. If not, someone try and correct me.


2 thoughts on “The Gates of Hell and the End times

  1. there has been a lot on the history channel recently on this very topic, i’ve done a paper on this, and read a lot from different views on eschatology. thinking about when and how Christ will return has been around since He left and does not seem to be a fading thought. i like to think about how it will be and see connections to prophecy in today’s society, but i do not agree when people get dogmatic. we agree on this:)
    Christ is to be the center of our worship and we are to live lives knowing He is returning and seeking to honor Him and share His love with all we can. look back with joy and appreciation and forward with hope, expectancy, and urgency.

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