Dances: for now, for life, forever

As I sat in the lobby thinking about things, I thought about comparing dancing to romantic relationships. While I developed this so called theory, I thought of dances are just for now. Sometimes, we just aren’t meant to dance forever. We enjoy the dance, it was wonderfully enjoyable. But there are some dances that were almost fated to be done. I also thought of dance that last for a lifetime. When I thought about these dances, there seems to spring a romantic hope. I know that death bids us to part, but as long as I live, I could dance with someone til the legs under grow old and the bones turn brittle. Even then, I would long to dance and would bear the pain to dance a little longer. The dance after all is not about the feeling or the rush I receive but the mutual communication. The connection of a duet is crucial for the dance to work successfully. This is a dance that I must say has made may hope and has haunted me at the same time. It gives me hope because I can know that I am probably not meant to be alone. After all, God created a lifelong partner for Adam. Man is to be celibate for life? I think not. What a great witness to others and blessing to you and her if you choose to dance with her for life and lead her lovingly.
The dance that I finally came to think of is the finally dance to last forever. God and His church will dance for eternity. He awaits his bride, and when we are united, our dance will be the pride throughout heaven and earth.
These are the things that still fill my mind these days. I cannot quit thinking of these things. I try to make sense of these things the God himself is placing in my mind. I just hope that I will find them out while in midstep of the dance.

5 thoughts on “Dances: for now, for life, forever

  1. as a former dance teacher, i know the varied emotions a dance can invoke. the beauty of the dance is when the harmony, precision, synchronization and joy of the moment are apparent to the dancer whether it be man and woman, friends or best of all. you have captured the essence of the perfect dance. How I anticipate my dance with my Savior. I cry everytime I read this blog (partly because I’m your mom,) but how you have envision the dance with our Lord in heaven. love you and so proud of you

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