What about Great Ideas?

I was talking with someone today who said that great ideas come to you in immediacy and in the same way spread like wild fire. It made me questiong if it really does happen that way. I mean the immediacy of the idea itself makes sense. However, a thing of mystery may be the wildfire idea. I said that most of them take time, because I thing that immediacy means instability. Such a weird topic for me because I’ve never thought of it enough to discuss it. Quite confusing, for such great ideas have spread quickly and may still be in acceptance. The same is most likely true for those which take time. The same with bad ideas. Maybe all ideas take time. One things is definitely true, we never truely can claim the great ideas, depending of course on your definition of great ideas, for we may not share the same definition, we have, we can only give it to God. For God reveals the truth to us and hence our DISCOVERY of things. Everything goes back to God. The debate on good ideas and bad ideas may end up in debate at times, but praise God that the good ones will win in the end.