The idea of what is natural

I was reading Deitrich Bonhoeffer the other and his reasoning on what is natural and what is not hit me with massive force. He states, stating what seems quite insane, that acting natural is acting according to the Law. Some may say that I am stupid to believe this, but the reasoning behind this is full of truth. Consider and apple. It is subject to the Law of Gravity. God made it subject to such a law. Would it be considered natural for an apple to all of a sudden go against this law. Of course not. The same with us. When we were created, we were in a our natural state of being. We had the image of God full and complete in us. The Law Came naturally. However, Satan, being a former heavenly being, knew of this and set out to destroy us. When he succeeded our nature was tainted and a new and unnatural state of being was state of being was placed in us. That is like the apple being forced upward when it naturally wants to go down. It is then quite sensible to think that we should naturally act right. Maybe this can give us hope for us humans. We no longer have to think in terms of fighting to be good. It can be thought of as fighting against that which is an outside force keeping us from being closer toGod. Quite intriguing, don’t you think?