Loving despite our nature

It just hit me, for the hundredth time in a lifetime, God loves me. Its just amazing. I sin, I am sinful, I am dirty, but God just wanted me. He created me for Him, so he just flat desires me. God sent his son. His son, think, apart of Him came down to dwell with us. He died, just for us. Bam, salvation as we know it was born. I accepted it and all my sins are gone. God looks at me now, chases me, and I allow Him to catch me, to hold me, and to teach me things I have never in my life begun to imagine. He has done that for my family too. My fellow christians were sinners. Most still commit attrocious sins. I am still able to love them. Is this not amazing? How can I? Honestly, I cannot. My fleshly love is very limited. Yet, the Spirit is willing to love. Since I have recieved the spirit, I can find unending love and give it to all. I cannot deny part of my body. I also cannot deny those people which God desires for himself. It is hard to describe the anatomy of this love. Not even marriage seems to be sufficient. Yes, marriage seems to be inadequate as a description of the love of God and how he bestows it upon us. It is simply amazing. Its all apart of open and public confessing of sins to God and those who love God. In that we find that our sins die and our love grows. Its so hard to imagine that in giving up our freedoms and seeking the security of another’s freedoms, we actually become free, but it is so simply understood when you experience it.


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