Where are our priorities

I just got to thinking about the minimum situation. It dawned on me that it has been unjust for the person working close to minimum wage and trying to keep up with the standard of living. Those of us who can make an average wage or are well taken care of. I may sound very liberal when I say this, but raise the minimum wage for now while we find a way to lower the cost for the current standard of living. I hear concern about our economy and businesses, but how do we find comfort in sacrificing individuals for the good of the machine. Why do we not try to take care of those who need care. Giving them a way out. It is not good to worry about our economy when our neighbors cannot find a decent way to live. This is probably from our want to obtain money. But what about obtaining the more important things in life, such as friendship, respect, love, etc. The american dream has today been interpreted into making it big in life, getting a huge swiss bank account, and resulting a lack of moral respect is irrelevant to today. This is a long way from the revolution which fought against this idea in the first place. Even our own government has been greedy, they get off with 27,000 dollars for their services when some struggle to make that in a year. Wasn’t the government meant to aid the people and not screw them. We are supposed to be able to trust the government to protect our rights and pursuit of happiness, which is found in life and liberty and not the pursuit of the big green slip of paper. We need to let go of that value. This does not mean giving up money completly, I believe money can serve the people if spent wisely, but Americans, as our government has shown, money has become the standard of living, or worse, it has defined life as we know it, which is bad. Now we have a society starved for money. It’s natural for us to be so selfish. It is possible to see selfishness in every sin we commit. If not, then can we really call the act sinful. Sin has to be more than just the act, but it must include the passion behind the act. If I lied to protect myself, than I have defied the core of all Holy living. If I lie to protect people from harm, then I have completed the second law. We all should know that God desires mercy, not sacrifice when it comes to other people. Let us think on these things as we continue on this race to love God more than ourselves and to love others like we all love ourselves.

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  1. And minimum wage persons usually aren’t given full-time employment, because if they were, the company would have to provide health insurance, which makes their situation even worse.

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