Fear drives too many to madness and irrational thought

I must face the fears that haunt me. I fear that my actions will be futile. I never truely know the end though. I only assume the end. I must fight that. This is something we all must move from. We assume too much. We assume too much about life, the future, and people. I do not know why. It’s always what we fear too. One example is skit night at SWU. We fear losing skit night. We hold onto it like a fat kid with some cake. I fear losing skit night. But let’s remember that such fear led to injustice to masses (such as the Holocaust). I don’t think we would go that far, but murder is more than a bullet wound to the chest, leaving one ripped open for the world to do even more damage. Words peirce deeper than bullets. I hope the rest of us can see that we may not know what we are doing to such people, or what those people think. We are too narrow minded. I know I am guilty, what about you the reader.


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