I just become really annoyed sometimes, at myself. Why did the God of the Universe, all-powerful, all-knowing, allow me to have a sin complex. It is something that almost eats at the skin on my bones. I try to strip it off, but it is useless for it seems to jump back onto me. Out of all the things in my life to have to worry about, SIN. I can’t stand it anymore. I get up every morning ready to do mighty works for God. I go to bed at night at the brink of tears, wondering where this failure really started. Is it in my head, addiction, or just plain human nature on my part. I only pray that one day, God completely strips me of this burdensome package I carry. I have in the past entertained thoughts of entire sanctification as a Wesleyan minister in training, but every time I thought it was close, I only find that it seems so far away. Every time I have come within eyesight of a perfect day, I find some way to fail, and that’s when I cannot seem to make it through my day. What an annoying little pest. Like a termite or a cockroach, hidden inside the walls of our lives. When you see one little bit of the many, you know the number of them is much larger and hidden deep within. Lord, helps us all with this horrible sickness.


2 thoughts on “Failure

  1. I know exactly what you mean… Where does sin come from. It just creeps up on us, then its too late, were trapped. But its good to know that God is a forgiving God. I want to meet with God without asking forgivness every time I pray. We just need to pray for strength and wisdom to fight off even the hint of temptation. And Praise God because he will give us that strength and wisdom!!!

  2. This may not seem like much help, but today’s SS lesson included I Thessalonians 5:24, which says (KJV) “Faithful is he that calleth you, who also will do it.” Paul was speaking about sanctification.

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