Believing and Obeying

Sometimes, I wonder when we drew a line between believing and obeying as Christians. Yes, they are two distinct actions. However, God’s passion is for is to always allow the two to work as one. We have come to an era when you can either believe or obey in order to be saved. That is the most extreme fallacy in our culture today. The Bible is very repetitive on the issue of believing and obey. The two are always to be together. On one hand, to believe and not obey is to lie to God. We perform a lip service, to claim to be what we are not. This two-faced bologna is straight from hell itself. On the other hand, to obey and not believe is almost lying to ourselves if not doing just that. It is the true meaning of hypocrisy in the bible. Hypocrit was used for the Pharisees. The Greek word originally used to label the Grecian actors in the past. This is a danger for ourselves and frustrates God. It is a danger for us, for we are only fooling ourselves into believing we are heaven bound. Jesus became frustrated with the pharisees on this issue. They tried to obey the Law, but without truely trusting God. Doing this only brings human interpretation and self-imposed righteousness. This can only deny us grace, for it is not we who supply grace to ourselves, but God to us. America is obviously resting on human interpretations. The Kingdom of Heaven is once again under attack, and who would have thought that once again, it was from the inside, with ideas that have been haunting us for almost two-thousand years.