Unity, not strife

I often wonder where the modern church is heading these days. I can only speak for the congregations I have seen. I can also speak for my college, since it is a privately run, christian oriented organization. As I walk the campus sometimes, I wonder if we live up to what we are meant to live up to. We seek too often to find individuality, but is individuality the reason for existence. The truth cannot be denied, no one has survived a complete and joyful man being separated from the rest of the world. We are better served by staying together. If you look at the struggles of people who attempted to exist alone and be revolutionary in their efforts, they appear as fools when compared to the united who actually revolutionized events in history. Christians can bring about a revolution in the thoughts of men. Our love is crucial, especially of each other. We will be judged by our love. Disunity is the tool of Satan and his kingdom. When believers are separated, Satan and his demons are pleased. As we bicker and argue about who is right or who is wrong, we lose focus on Christ and the salvation of man. What are we then? Certainly not the loving believers that the Lord has called us to be, and in that, WE CONDEMN OURSELVES AND THE REST OF THE CHURCH. Let us then love. Let us settle the differences. Let us truely seek who is right through studying scripture. If there is anything that we still disagree on, then let us wait on the Spirit to instruct us in the matter. There will always be the King who unites us. Let us be united in scriptures, and not be separated by our biased interpretations. Read to be changed; don’t change what you read.