On Homosexuality

Are men meant to be given in to each other? Are men to try to seduce each other? Are women supposed to act as if they are attracted to each other? If you asked me one semester ago, I would probably say no to the first two and then yes to the latter question. However, as I look at our community of believers from an outside perspective, I am now questioning the idea. We admit that it is fun when we treat each other in this way jokingly. One person has pointed out to me the lunacy in this thought by saying something to the likes of this following sentence: “We look at the fallen of Sodom and the fallen of Gomorha and say, ‘it is a shame that people thought this way’, then we turn around to our brothers and say, ‘come here so that can hump you’.” It is not that we truly seek a ual relation with people of the same , which is obviously wrong, but we seek to jokingly portray an symbolic action. Has our idleness led us to a deeper sin, especially as christians? Should we, in light of the command that Paul gave to live blameless lives free from any hint of immorality, do such things? If you say yes, then approach the thrown with fear, for you are in danger of denying the Spirits guidance in instructing believers. This only points again to the prevalent American Christian’s thought, our intentions justify our actions. Let us not look at this as a light matter. If you listen to this argument and view it logically in light of God’s Word, you will be attracted to it.
We should remember that in a certain sense we cannot determine what is right and wrong by our own power. The spirit guides us. We then choose between what is naturally wrong and what has been shown to us as good and worthy. Remember that a wise man will seek purity in all he does, but the foolish man will seek to bring down the kingdom with his words and actions.
Such things should be questioned in our lives. I must say that what is appropriate must be observed. I place myself as guilty of the same notion that I can do it if I mean no harm. I have admitted that in a past entry. The fact that I have joined the called means that I have given my rights over to the Lord. Many things that I even thought as decent is not decent anymore. I cannot succeed in righteousness. I have sought to do fight the good fight, and now I realize that I haven’t the power. So I surrender; I put up the white flag; I forfeit; I no longer seek to live out the good life, but to allow Him who is holier than I to dwell in me and be me so that I can as a result be good and live the good life. That is the idea of living as reflections in a mirror.
So let us surrender our right to enjoy sins and take part in the pleasurable. It is not like us. We have been covered in grace, so why do we still live like we have not been covered. If he has saved us, then the only sane thing to do is to love him for doing so. In our love, let us seek to serve him in all we do. What is appropriate my brothers. What is pleasing to God. We seek what is pleasing to God and others before pleasing ourselves.